Monday, July 19, 2010

The Choice

It all comes down to a choice.
Yes, simply a choice. Not always an easy one, but certainly beneficial in the long run.
Whether to rely on convenient plastic bottled water or carry a heavy metal flask on your next trip?
Should you throw away a wrapper with closed eyes or just tuck it away in your knapsack?
And what about the blaring music playing on your cell phone as you walk though the sleepy woods? Would you wait to finish the song later or let it play on?
And the right choices, the sensible choices can only be made by those who are aware. Aware of what they are doing and how influential that act could be. People don't realise their own power. Their power to destroy or to conserve.
Whatever it is, whichever path they 'choose', they can actually make it happen.


  1. congratulations on a great start!
    looking forward towards making the right choice...

    best wishes

  2. congratulations on the new brginnings..
    I am a mountain-girl myself and hope that people make the right choices and this movement attains what it dreams of. I am always available for this cause.

  3. Congratulations to the team of green hiker!!I am so proud to be a part of such a great endeavour. The himalayas needs to be protected.We as young activists can definitely help in our own ways...looking forward to sharing of great thoughts and ideas!!:):)

  4. This is a great initiative! Cheers to spreading the beauty of Himalayas and making everyone cognizant to what we have been blessed with!